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  • Oh that looks fantastic! Today was a good day for construction. My husband built a "salad table" for our deck. My five year old and I am painting it – can't wait to plant it!

  • I love your aerial photos. Such a great way to watch the garden progress. The cold frame looks big. Room for a lot of great stuff!

  • Hello Kathy, I have been following your blog for over a year now and have been inspired to begin my entire garden from seed this year. We live on almost 4 acres but I'm only planning to garden a 125' by 50' plot this year. That is plenty big enough! My question is about broccoli. We planted the seeds in our little plastic flats today. It was the kind where you pour water on the pellets and they swell. The instructions were to put the plastic-domed lid on top but keep out of direct sunlight. Does this mean that we shouldn't put the lights on them until the seedlings have emerged? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Cyndi in Ohio

  • Oh, I want to hear more about this cold frame! What are you growing? How will you use it? What type of plastic did you use? We are trying something similar except we are doing it on our second floor balcony. Idealy, I'd like to grow winter greens but we'll likely have to make it more air-tight.

  • Cyndi, The seedlings don't need light until they emerge. It sounds like you will have a great garden. Have fun!

    Joy, My cold frame is an experiment as I've never used one before. I'm hoping for an extra month of salad greens on each end of the gardening season. We'll see. I can imagine mine on a balcony, because its all self contained. The unit has a plastic bottom so the soil doesn't mix with my yard soil. We did our best to make it mostly air tight. I'm not sure how air tight it needs to be. It has a large tarp that can be draped over it on very cold of stormy nights.

  • Kathy,
    Did you follow plans for the cold frame or did you sketch up your own?

  • congrats, that's exciting! looking good!


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