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Skippy, Suzie & Charley

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Though I would like to go turn my garden, plant and tend – its still too early. I planted my 10 week BLF seeds at 12 weeks BLF (before the last frost). I have tomatoes and eggplants sprouted already. Kale is getting its third set of leaves.

So — Skippy and I went to the beach instead! Its a wild day at the shore. New England has a big Nor’ Easter off shore and the waves are impressive. There was sea weed over the roads from flooding at high tide last night. More flooding is expected tonight. Skippy and I walked out on the sand at low tide this afternoon (Salem MA).

We don’t usually go to the beach in the off season, but its a good time. Dogs are allowed on most beaches here from Oct through May. And since I had business in Salem, we stopped by. Its only a 30 min drive from home.

The lobster pots and dingies were pulled up and stacked here and there. Power boats on the shore were plastic wrapped, sail boats stood empty in the wind. Scattered in the sand was all sorts of storm washed debris. I collected a pocket full of sea glass. Every color. So much of this rare summer treasure that I wondered if it was only trash. No – its a treasure.

winter beach 010

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  • Gorgeous seascape! Skippy looks very pensive – does he hear the call of his ancestors? The water must be cold – did he get his paws wet? I used to live on the coast and loved the ocean, walking along the beach, sailing downeast. What a wonderful way to spend some time – thank you for sharing your pictures!
    – Daisy & Pixie (today was sunny, 73 degrees)

  • The water was really cold. Skippy wanted to go in, but it was just too cold. He just barley got his paws wet. Instead he rolled in the sand a lot.

    Skippy is always very excited by the water – especially the smell of things on a salt water beach. It must be in his blood.

    (today was cloudy, rainy, windy 40 degrees)

  • Sounds like a great day! I've been hearing about all those storms in the East – hope everything's okay!

  • Nice scenery. Ever bring some of the seaweed home for the garden or compost?


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